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A black and white transformation

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

The first project //

A beautiful piece of architecture and land.
Dalvey Estate, 2015. A beautiful piece of architecture and land.

What was the client's brief?

The client's brief was mainly maintenance works. The design styling had to be simple and cost-effective; up to date compared to the houses around the vicinity.

Dalvey Estate, 2017. Black and White transformation
Interior entertainment area, original roof rafters and beams painted in black in contrast with the white walls

Why black and white?

The black and white colonial theme was very much an attractive choice due to its simple methodology. The existing building already had elements and motifs of Colonial architecture, hence it was the most suitable and attractive typology to be tweaked into.

Elevation of Volume and Motifs. The black and white paint are meant to celebrate the original motifs of the building

What were some of the planning design considerations?

There was plenty of visual connectivity between the indoors and outdoors. However, I felt that there was opportunity missed to have an actual connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. I decided on large glass panel doors and even created more usable pocket of outdoor spaces.

Top view of the newly introduced courtyard, an extension of the entertainment and dining area
An outdoor pocket of space to celebrate a sunken spiral staircase
Connectivity between the dining room and the courtyard

How was the interior styled?

To be honest, the interior was done to be canvas for any furniture or fitting. It had to be able to be as eclectic-ready as possible. I chose neutral colours that could fit any pop or burst of style that would not compete and just remain as a backdrop for standout pieces.

The entrance allows for a strong personal touch amongst the neutral background, the painting pops through
Entertainment area, a canvas for art
The original rafters painted in black
The TV room on the 1st floor with beautifully preserved windows
A typical bedroom on the 2nd floor
The junior master with original 30 year old in-build wardrobe in solid teak and parquet flooring
Dry kitchen with island

Any more interesting features of the house?

Yes, of course. There are a few quaint little details that might interest you.

An octagonal window for feng shui
A 9-piece Peranakan cement tile set for the entrance
A beautiful set of arches
A swimming pool with a small fountain feature

Any takeaways from the project?

I have no regrets in this project. I love the outcome of the project till this day. I did learn a few things with tile supply. European tiles are not always better than China/Malaysian tiles.


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