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Clean Condo Unit

What can I say, Old apartments units have that wow factor. Higher ceilings, much more generous spatial planning, stronger hierarchal spacing. We wanted to retain as much of that height and presence in the apartment.

Floor Plan

Entrance (before)

Entrance (relamination of main door)

Entrance (door open)

Shoe cabinet (prep area)

Living room (before)

Living room (after)

Living room (after)

Living room (after)

Dining (before)

Dining (after)

The existing height of the doors were majestic, they had the illusion of going right to the ceiling at 3.0m high. We wanted to retain that presence but also be wary of the budget. Hence, we set the doors at 2.4m. (Pro tip. anything that goes beyond 2.4m becomes exponentially more expensive as materials come in 1.2m x 2.4m.)

The existing height of the doors went "up" to the ceilings

Kitchen (before)

Kitchen (after)

Kitchen (after)

Kitchen (after)

Bathroom 1 (before)

Bathroom 1 (after)

Bathroom 1 (after)

Bedroom 2 (before)

Bedroom 2 (after)

Bedroom 2 (after)

MBR (before)
MBR Plan

The MBR was such a long space that we could create a seperate room as a study or walk-in.

Walk-in wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobe


Wardrobes with sensor lights

Takeaways This was the first time i used sensor lights in wardrobes. One thing to take note of is the maintenance factor for these drivers and lights and the cable management of these wires. We had to change brand of the led strip lights as some IR sensors layout cannot fit with certain electrical wire layouts as well. Some required extra modules and needed connections which could not be extended further etc.

This was one of the best interior projects thus far this year.

The before and after photos says it all.


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