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The Black & White Unit.

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

his project involved an old HDB unit about 20 years old which required a full overhaul in electrical wiring and plumbing. Due to the heavy cost in the essential and concealed works, the client opted for a simpler yet modern design within the budget. Take it away. Entrance:

Front gate

Artists' impression (Corridor)

Overlayed vinyl floor


Artists' impression (living/dining)

Reuse of existing false ceiling

Artists' impression (living/dining)

Large open space

Artists' impression (living/dining)

High contrast design approach

Green nook


Artists' impression (kitchen)

Extended kitchen counter (left)
Washer and dryer tucked under extra kitchen counter

Common bathroom / Powder room :

Artists' impression (powder)

Powder room

2 tile composition

Off the rack counter and mirror

Master Bedroom:

Artists' impression (MBR)

Master bedroom

Dressing table

LED strip lighting detail in backboard

Customed full height wardrobes

View from the master

Master Bathroom:

Counter sink with spotlight

Counter sink with repurposed box up led strip lighting


LED strip light

Some details that the owner planted herself that we love:

Green nook

Pendant light

Composition of a ladder hanger and plant

This gorgeous rounded edge table and propeller fan

This chimney in the kitchen for the dryer

This is a coffee house

I am overwhelmingly happy to have worked with these clients. I thank them for the opportunity and the trust they gave me to guide them through the design process. It made it all that easier that they, too, have a good eye for design and aesthetics. We've created a beautiful space together.


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