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IKEA furnished Condo Unit.

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

The client had approached us in March to renovate an apartment unit which was in its original state since 1994. The unit was still tenanted till the end of May 2023 and we needed to complete by the end of June. The baby was coming in July!

original floor plan

The situation was difficult as we had no access to the unit while the tenant was still staying. The way we managed to draft out a 3D model of the place was through property websites as well as close references to the plan.

redrawn plan to scale

living room from the entrance

living room from the dining room

behind the sofa

very awkward set of original windows
dining room


The cost of the project was expensive with all the proposed built-in carpentry. We propose to the client that IKEA furnishing maybe suitable for a more temporal approach. As it was such a rushed decision to move into this new unit, the utility of each room had not been decided yet. We agreed to go ahead with this direction and planned priority for IKEA furnishings and our interior finishes should match the IKEA items.

overlayed vinyl floor to suit IKEA sofa and tv console

cove lighting to add warmth to the living room

IKEA furnishings along entrance door wall

extra lighting to create a bigger space to combat the awkward light coming through the tiny windows

full built-in IKEA kitchen

introduction of a glass door to the yard area

corridor spotlights to bring out the warmth of the wood grain flooring

IKEA wardrobe

hotel style lighting with original parquet flooring

simple japandi textures to accomodate the IKEA sink for the master bathroom

IKEA sink counter and medicine cabinet

common bathroom has an open space to accommodate flexibility

IKEA counter sink and medicine cabinet

corridor view to the dining

Most of the lighting in the house are controlled via smartphone which the client has grown comfortable and accustomed to. These smart lights are able to change temperature as well as brightness to suit different needs and occasions. Reaching for light switches and fan switches are a thing of the past.

Takeaways For units currently tenanted, it is extremely useful to use property websites to view the interiors of the place. Prior to site visits, this could also be useful preparation for existing site conditions unique to the unit. P.S For the privacy of the clients, we've opted not to showcase the other rooms. The other rooms are a Baby room and a Home Office.


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