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Think Teach Academy Reception

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

What was the client's brief?

It was important to develop the brief together with the client. It needed a classroom, a discussion room, a reception area and a staff room within a tight area. It was important to uphold and elevate the branding of the business. The space should be able to convey a warm yet disciplined atmosphere.

TTA entrance
Plan layout with unique feng shui coordination
Unit frontage

The main feature of the unit has to be the fluted wall panel behind the front desk. The vertical uniform lines create that discipline needed in the attitude towards academia. In wood, it provides a warm and nurturing mood.

Fluted wall panel in wood laminate

Effect of wooden panels.

It was the first interior I had done using this fluted panel. I took the opportunity during the photoshoot to play around with the effect that it can create in a different context. By isolating part of the panel, you can imagine a glorious post 70s feel about the space. A rebirth of a european eclectic interior style that is most certainly missed in this modern times.

Lets take a closer look at the artwork for a change.

Hand sketched in pen ink medium
Close up on the loose style and attention to lineweights

Any takeaways from the project?

Commercial units generally have to be very precisely planned and very strict in scheduling. There are many timely restrictions in commercial spaces due to daily operations, hence clear communication between all parties is important. I've also learnt about soundproofing walls and techniques to enhance sound quality for speaker environments.


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