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Two 3-room HDB Apartments Merged into Jumbo Unit

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Thank you to my wonderful client for making time for this photoshoot. It was a pleasure working with you to develop your wonderful home. Lets get into it!

What was the client's brief?

The client was a family of 4 living in a 3 room flat. However, they were lucky enough to be living with their parents right next door who were also living in a 3 room flat corner unit. The client's parents were happy to let the family take over their unit to create a Jumbo flat, while they moved elsewhere.

The brief was to give them a large spacious area for their kids and extended family to visit, having 4 bedrooms including a master and a large living space.

Jumbo flat vestibule counter, 2020

What is the theme?

The direction taken was to be woody and warm. The client loves splashes of colour as well as displays. As I got to know them, they love their figurines and jigsaw puzzles. They are truly a fun loving family with wholesome toys.

Two living areas and a dining area to seperate them
Vestibule counter boasts terrariums, aquascape and japanese figurines
Dining table which serves as the anchor for the living spaces and kitchen

What were some of the planning design considerations?

The balance between openness as well as privacy was hard to juggle with this project. The client wanted as big a space as possible in the living and kitchen area. At the same time, they were sensitive toward the visual privacy of the doors to their bedrooms.

The existing bathrooms were all open showers and needed an update in design. The client wanted to achieve the warmth and convenience of a hotel bathroom.

Carpentry piece to create a private corridor
Along the corridor, the books are turned into a library

How was the interior styled?

The interior was done to be canvas for any furniture or fitting. It had to be able to be as eclectic-ready as possible. I chose neutral colours that could fit any pop or burst of colour that would not compete. The client had so many figurines and framed jigsaw puzzles on display and it has breathed life into the space. I believe it was by working together that we could achieve such a wonderful result.

Entrance piece framed by a pendant light
Corridors are art spaces next to the entrance of the kid's room
The master bedroom was the 2nd kitchen, carpentry helps to conceal existing pipes
Credits to the owner with the red carpet and suspend swing chair, fancy
Simple kid's room with loose furnishing because of their growing age
Extended en-suite bathroom attached to both kid's rooms
Study room attached to master bedroom, purely functional

Any more interesting features of the house?

Yes, of course. There are a few quaint little details that might interest you.

Bladeless fan and laminated ceiling design
Simple open kitchen design, longitudinal design for minimal wind blockage
the tiki man says hi

Any takeaways from the project?

HDB walls are not straight or right angled, especially in older flats. Beware how services ran throughout the house. False ceilings are worth it!


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